• PRESA_kibungo_mama_kids (helena, john, justin) photo vmeadu

    A mother and her children sited in a farm

  • TZ A22

    A burnt forests

  • kibungo_contour_farming_with_pineapple

    A pineapple ready for harvesting

F3-Life wins the Climate Change Finance Innovation Award

UNDP and Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. Ltd. have announced F3-Life as the winner of the US$ 10,000 Climate Change Finance Innovation Award.The contest aims at addressing the urgent need for innovative financing concepts, for scaled-up mitigation actions, leading…

Green loan - an incentive for investing in soil and water conservation

By Judith Nzyoka Farmer’s Life, a for profit company in Partnership with ICRAF (PRESA) is piloting a conditional low-interest microfinance approach with farmers in Sasumua watershed as  an incentive to plant grass strips to reduce soil erosion and maintain agricultural…

Connecting farmers to agricultural information through SMS services

By Judith Nzyoka Africa is the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. The number of mobile phone subscribers has grown by 18% per year for the past five years in Sub-Saharan Africa, while the number of internet users in Africa…

Women in agricultural landscapes

By Judith Nzyoka Women play a vital role in food production, making up the majority of the agricultural work force in many developing countries. Moreover, women farmers are often seen as the potential game-changers for sustainable agricultural land management and…

 By Judith Nzyoka Ecosystem degradation in Guinea has been attributed to anthropogenic activities such as uncontrolled logging and clearing land for farming, coal mining, and other unsustainable forest exploitation. This has been further exacerbated by policy gaps and weak policy…