Nature Harness Initiatives – NAHI

A NAHI meeting in Kabale, western Uganda. PHOTO/ NAHI.

A NAHI meeting in Kabale, western Uganda. PHOTO/ NAHI.

Nature Harness Initiatives (NAHI) is a Ugandan conservation and development not-for-profit organisation that promotes market based mechanisms for improved natural resources management.

Our approach

Our approach is informed by the background that social and economic returns will determine how individuals management natural resources. Wealth creation for environmental stewards is therefore a major driver behind NAHI. To that end NAHI works with private businesses to better manage their environmental foot print and communities to derive sustained benefits from natural resources.

Who do we work with?

We work with those that impact on the natural environment to develop practical measures of managing their impacts which makes as stand apart from traditional conservation organisations. We work with our partners to develop solutions together. Positive outcomes and challenges are a shared responsibility.

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